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Sorghum Fingerprints

This work is funded by NSF DBI-0115903. The Sorghum genome is approximately 750Mb. Both Bicolor and Propinquum have been fingerprinted and assembled into contigs using FPC. More information is available at the CGGC (Comparative Grass Genomics Center).

Contigs are now displayed from the UGA site:

Bicolor Description:

  • The clones start with a "c" as they are from the CUGI SB_BBc library.

Propinquum Description:

  • The clones starting with a "a" are from the Patterson library.
  • The clones starting with a "b" are from the CUGI SP__Bb library.

Marker Description: See the UGA site.

Sorghum BESs

This work is supported by NSF, award #0115903.
  • download sequences from FTP site.
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BES Sequencing Summary
Library SP__Ba SP__Bb
Total Sequences 16399 2735
Avg Base Count 1210 1199
Avg HQ Bases 540 572


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