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News A reference genome for common bean and genome-wide analysis of dual domestications
  webmaster (2014/6/18 1:37:25)
News Fluorescence in situ hybridization and optical mapping to correct scaffold arrangement in the tomato genome
  webmaster (2014/6/3 4:04:04)
News Comparative BAC-based physical mapping of Oryza sativa ssp. indica var. 93-11 and evaluation of the two rice reference sequence assemblies
  webmaster (2014/5/30 1:52:11)
News Disentangling Methodological and Biological Sources of Gene Tree Discordance on Oryza (Poaceae) Chromosome 3
  webmaster (2014/4/22 3:26:40)
News Genome-wide Prediction of Highly Specific Guide RNA Spacers for the CRISPR-Cas9 Mediated Genome Editing in Model Plants and Major Crops
  webmaster (2014/1/30 16:56:59)
News Global Genomic Diversity of Oryza sativa Varieties Revealed by Comparative Physical Mapping
  webmaster (2014/1/23 4:08:47)
News Assembly and Validation of the Genome of the Nonmodel Basal Angiosperm Amborella
  webmaster (2014/1/6 0:13:42)
News The Amborella Genome and the Evolution of Flowering Plants
  webmaster (2014/1/6 0:08:53)
News 15 MYA of evolution in the Oryza genus shows extensive gene family expansion
  webmaster (2013/11/12 15:48:18)
News Genomic Resources for Gene Discovery, Functional Genome Annotation, and Evolutionary Studies of Maize and Its Close Relatives
  webmaster (2013/9/15 0:20:17)
News Making a living while starving in the dark: metagenomic insights into the energy dynamics of a carbonate cave
  webmaster (2013/9/13 20:31:49)
News Wild rice may feed the world
  webmaster (2013/9/10 0:06:05)
News [BOOK]Genetics and Genomics of Rice
  webmaster (2013/9/4 16:18:08)
News A new approach to plant breeding
  webmaster (2013/9/3 16:01:54)
News To Refseq or Reseq Oryza - That is the Question
  webmaster (2013/8/17 3:29:05)
News Oil palm genome sequence reveals divergence of interfertile species in Old and New worlds
  webmaster (2013/7/25 15:08:41)
News Evolution of a Complex Locus for Terpene Biosynthesis in Solanum
  webmaster (2013/6/17 3:28:44)
News The DOE Joint Genome Institute Expands Capabilities via New Partnerships
  webmaster (2013/5/17 7:02:02)
News High Occurrence of Functional New Chimeric Genes in Survey of Rice Chromosome 3 Short Arm Genome Sequences
  webmaster (2013/5/8 23:19:13)
News The International Oryza Map Alignment Project: development of a genus-wide comparative genomics platform to help solve the 9 billion-people question
  webmaster (2013/5/7 11:37:35)
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