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Tomato fingerprints

We are collaborating with Dr. Steve Tanksley, Dr. Jim Giovannoni, and Dr. Greg Martin to build a sequence ready map of tomato. This is funded by NSF #0116076, "Exploitation of Tomato as a Model for Comparative and Functional Genomics". More information is provided by the Solanaceae Genomics Network database.

Contig Sizes
Clone Cov Marker Anchor Contig Single >200 200:101 100:51 50:26 25:10 9:3 =2 >5Q
88680 10x 644 263 4385 22945 0 7 185 616 1339 1623 614 1

Latest release is May 6 2004.

WebFPC Java display of the Tomato FPC contigs
WebChrom view tomato chromosomes
WebBSS compare your sequence to the BES and sequenced clones
WebFcmp compare fingerprints
FTP a tar file the FPC files. Download FPC V7.2.

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