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Tomato fingerprints

We are collaborating with Dr. Steve Tanksley, Dr. Jim Giovannoni, and Dr. Greg Martin to build a sequence ready map of tomato. This is funded by NSF #0116076, "Exploitation of Tomato as a Model for Comparative and Functional Genomics". More information is provided by the Solanaceae Genomics Network database.

Contig Sizes
Clone Cov Marker Anchor Contig Single >200 200:101 100:51 50:26 25:10 9:3 =2 >5Q
88680 10x 644 263 4385 22945 0 1 185 616 1339 1623 614 1

Latest release is August 18 2005.

WebFPC Java display of the Tomato FPC contigs
WebChrom view tomato chromosomes
WebBSS compare your sequence to the BES and sequenced clones
WebFcmp compare fingerprints
FTP a tar file the FPC files. Download FPC V7.2.

Tomato BESs

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Tomato BES Sequencing Summary
Library LE__Ba
Total Sequences 2602
Avg Base Count N/A
Avg HQ Bases N/A

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