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BAC/Fosmid Library Construction

Leader of the BAC/EST Resource Center:

Dave Kudrna

Research Specialists:

Jayson D Talag

BAC Library Construction at AGI: The Wing lab was the first lab in the world to construct a BAC library for plants in 1994 (Woo et al. 1994). Twenty years later his lab at AGI is still at the forefront of BAC library construction and the use these libraries for physical mapping, positional cloning, and targeted and whole genome sequencing.

Remember - Every scientific community deserves and needs a high-quality genome sequence and BAC libraries are an essential ingredient!

The AGI BAC Library Construction Center builds high-quality, deep coverage bacterial artificial chromosome libraries for NIH and NSF supported projects and for custom orders. It also builds random-sheared 40 kb genomic DNA fosmid libraries. Libraries are picked, stored and arrayed on high-density filters by the AGI BAC/EST Resource Center. Libraries, BAC and fosmid clones, and filters are distributed and sold through the AGI BAC/EST Resource Center.

If you are interested in using this technology for your genome project please contact Rod A. Wing, AGI Director, by email at or Dave Kudrna, AGI BAC/EST Resource Center Leader, at

WOO, S. S., J. JIANG, B. S. GILL, A. H. PATERSON and R. A. WING, 1994 Construction and characterization of a bacterial artificial chromosome library of Sorghum bicolor. Nucleic Acids Res 22: 4922-4931.

Our BAC library construction protocol
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