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Physical Mapping

Leader of the Sequencing & Physical Mapping Center:

Yeisoo Yu

Research Specialists:

Jose Luis Goicoechea - Physical map assembly & construction

Jason Talag - BAC library construction

Physical Mapping at AGI: AGI's Physical Mapping Group conducts analysis of BAC libraries by means of high throughput BAC DNA fingerprinting using the Whole Genome Profiling* method developed by KeyGene. The resulting fingerprints, which are sequence tags from each BAC clone, are assembled by the program FPC to create whole genome physical maps that can be used for positional cloning, targeted sequencing, and whole genome sequencing. Additionally, the sequenced based physical maps can be aligned to sequence scaffolds and used for assembly and locus analysis.

Our services include: BAC library construction, archiving, filter hybridization, WGP physical mapping, map assembly and editing (Physical Map, Whole Genome), and Minimum Tiling Path selection.

If you are interested in using this technology for your genome project please contact Rod Wing, AGI Director, by email at or Yeisoo Yu, AGI Sequencing & Physical Mapping Center Leader, .

*Oeveren J.V. et al. Sequence-based physical mapping of complex genomes by whole genome profiling. Genome Research (2011) 21:618-625
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