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2XYT Media

For 1.6 liters

1. Add 49.6g of 2XYT Broth to a 2 liter bottle.
2. Add approximately 1.4 liters of double distilled water.
3. Mix using a stir plate until fully dissolved.
4. Transfer to a 2 liter graduated cylinder, add double distilled water till volume of 1.6 liters.
5. Autoclave 20 minutes, liquid setting.

For Five, 1.6L bottles:

1. Add 124g of 2XYT Broth powder to to each of 2 clean 4000ml plastic beakers.
2. Add approximately 3500ml DD H2O to each beaker.
3. Place beakers on stir plates with large stir bars and turn stir plates on.
4. Stir until fully dissolved and solution is not cloudy.
5. Bring the total volume in each beaker up to 4000ml by adding DD H20.
6. Stir the beakers again briefly, and divide the contents among 5 clean 2000ml
media bottles, adding 1600ml to each.
7. Loosen the caps on each bottle and apply autoclave tape.
8. Label each bottle "2XYT", your initials and date prepared.
(Example… "2XYT DAK, 09-03-02").
9. Autoclave the media on the liquid cycle for 30 minutes.
10. Allow the media to cool and tighten the caps.
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