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Sequencing & physical mapping center

AGI DNA Sequencing Center operates six ABI3730 DNA Sequencers and two next generation sequencing platforms (Roche GSFLX and Illumina GAIIx) to support various genomics applications including resequencing, de novo genome sequencing, BAC shotgun sequencing, BAC/fosmid end sequencing, transcriptome profiling (ESTs, full-length cDNAs). Coupled with AGI Bioinformatics Center, the Sequencing Center provides customized solutions on de novo sequence assembly and post sequence analyses for custom and grant-funded projects.

The AGI Physical Mapping Center conducts analysis of BAC libraries by means of high throughput BAC DNA fingerprinting using HICF SNaPshot labeling chemistry. The resulting fingerprints can be assembled by the program FPC to create contiguous clone maps which, in turn provide the basis for development of physical DNA maps. Daily capacity HICF SNaPshot samples is 9- 384-well plates per day, using one AB 3730xl DNA analyzer. Fluorescent trace data is analyzed using AB software (Genemapper) and in-house scripts.

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