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Selected Publications:

Wing, R.A*, M.D. Purugganan & Q. Zhang* (*Co-corresponding authors). Rice genome revolution: from an ancient grain to Green Super Rice. 2018 (*Nature Reviews Genetics, in press).

Wang, W., R. Mauleon, Z. Hu, D. Chebotarov, S. Tai, Z. Wu, M. Li, T. Zheng, R.R. Fuentes, F. Zhang, L. Mansueto, D. Copetti, M. Sanciangco, K.C. Palis, J. Xu, C. Sun, H. Zhang, B. Fu, Yongming Gao1,5, Xiuqin Zhao1, Fei Shen9, Xiao Cui3, Hong Yu10, Zichao Li9, M. Chen, J. Detras, Y. Zhou, X. Zhang, Y. Zhao, D. Kudrna, C. Wang, R. Li, B. Jia, J. Lu, X. He, Z. Dong, J. Xu, Y. Li, M. Wang, J. Shi, J. Li, D. Zhang, S. Lee, W. Hu, A. Poliakov, I. Dubchak, V.J. Ulat, F.N. Borja, J.R. Mendoza, J. Ali, J. Li, M. Yang, Y. Niu, Z. Yue4, M.E.B. Naredo, J. Talag, X. Wang, J. Li, X. Fang, Y. Yin, J.C. Glaszmann, J. Zhang, J. Li, R.S. Hamilton, R.A.Wing*, C. Wei*, J. Ruan*, G. Zhang*, K.L. McNally*, N. Alexandrov*, Z. Li*, H. Leung (*Co-corresponding authors). 2018. Genomic variation in 3,010 diverse accessions of Asian cultivated rice. 2018 (*Nature [Article], DOI: 10.1038/s41586-018-0063-9).

J.C. Stein, Y. Yu, D. Copetti, D.J. Zwick, L. Zhang, C. Zhang, K. Chougule, D. Gao, A. Iwata, J.L. Goicoechea, S. Wei, J. Wang, Y. Liao, M. Wang, J. Jacquemin, C. Becker, D. Kudrna, J. Zhang, C.E.M. Londono, X. Song, S. Lee, P. Sanchez, A. Zuccolo, J.S.S. Amiraju, J. Talag, A. Danowitz, L.F. Rivera, A.R. Gschwend, C. Noutsos, C. Wu, S. Kao, J. Zeng, F. Wei, Q. Zhao, Q. Feng, M. Elbaidouri, M.C. Carpentier, E. Lasserre, R. Cooke, D.R. Farias, L.C. Maia, R.S. Santos, K.G. Nyberg, C. Fan, D. Weigel, K.K. Jena, T. Wicker, M. Chen, B. Han, R. Henry, Y.C. Hsing, N. Kurata, A.C. Oliveira, O. Panaud, S.A. Jackson, C.A. Machado, M.J. Sanderson, M. Long, D. Ware & R.A. Wing. 2018. Genomes of 13 domesticated and wild rice relatives reveal genetic conservation, turnover and innovation across the genus Oryza. 2018. Nature Genetics [Article & Cover], published online 1/22/2018: doi:10.1038/s41588-018-0040-0.

Eizenga, G.C., P.L. Sanchez, A.K. Jackson, J.D. Edwards, B.L. Hurwitz, R.A. Wing, & D. Kudrna. Genetic variation for domestication-related traits revealed in a cultivated rice, Nipponbare (Oryza sativa ssp. japonica) × ancestral rice, O. nivara, mapping population. 2017. Mol Breeding 37: 135.

Copetti, D., A. Búrquez, E. Bustamante, J.L.M. Charboneau, K.L. Childs, L.E. Eguiarte, S. Lee, T.L. Liue, M.M. McMahon, N.K. Whiteman, R.A. Wing, M.F. Wojciechowski & M.J. Sanderson. Extensive gene tree discordance and hemiplasy shaped the genomes of North American columnar cacti. 2017. PNAS USA doi: 10.1073/pnas.1706367114.

Wu, W., X. Liu, M. Wang, R.S. Meyer, X. Luo, M.-N. Ndjiondjop, L. Tan, J. Zhang, J. Wu, H. Cai, C. Sun, X. Wang, R.A. Wing*, Z. Zhu1* (*Co-corresponding authors). A single-nucleotide polymorphism causes smaller grain size and loss of seed shattering during African rice domestication. 2017. Nature Plants doi 10.1038/nplants.2017.64.

Mansueto, L., R.R. Fuentes, F.N. Borja, J. Detras, J.M. Abriol-Santos, D. Chebotarov, M. Sanciangco, K. Palis, D. Copetti, A. Poliakov, I. Dubchak, V. Solovyev, R.A. Wing, R.S. Hamilton, R. Mauleon, K.L. McNally, N. Alexandrov. Rice SNP-seek database update: new SNPs, indels, and queries. 2016. Nucleic Acids Research doi: 10.1093/nar/gkw1135

Copetti, D., R.A. Wing. The dark side of the genome: revealing the native transposable element/repeat content of eukaryotic genomes. 2016. Molecular Plant

Zhang, J., L.L. Chen, F. Xing, D. Kudrna, W. Yao, D. Copetti, T. Mua, W. Lia, J.-M. Song, W. Xie, S. Lee, J. Talag, L. Shao, Y. An, C.-L. Zhang, Y. Ouyang, S. Sun, W.-B. Jiao, F. Lv, B. Du, M. Luo, C.E. Maldonado, J.L. Goicoechea, L. Xiong, C. Wu, Y. Xing, D. Zhou, S. Yu, Y. Zhao, G. Wanga, Y. Yu, Y. Luo, Z.W. Zhou, B.E.P. Hurtado, A. Danowitz, R.A. Wing*, & Q. Zhang* (*Co-corresponding Authors). Extensive complementarity of two indica rice reference genomes. 2016. PNAS USA doi:10.1073/pnas.1611012113; Vol. 113, no. 35, E5163-E5171.

Zhang, J., L.-L. Chen, S. Sun, D. Kudrna, D. Copetti, W. Li, T. Mu, W.-B. Jiao, F. Xing, S. Lee, J. Talag, J.-M. Song, B. Du, W. Xie, M. Luo, C.E. Maldonado, J.L. Goicoechea, L. Xiong, C. Wu, Y. Xing, D. Zhou, S. Yu, Y. Zhao, G. Wang, Y. Yu, Y. Luo, B.E.P. Hurtado, A. Danowitz, R.A. Wing* & Q. Zhang* (*Co-corresponding Authors). Building two reference-quality indica rice genomes with clone-based PacBio long-read and Illumina paired-end sequencing data. 2016. Scientific Data doi:10.1038/sdata.2016.76.

Zhang, J. D. Kudrna, T. Ming, W. Li, D. Copetti, Y. Yu, J.L. Goicoechea, Y. Lei, R.A. Wing. Genome Puzzle Master (GPM) - An integrated pipeline for building and editing pseudomolecules from fragmented sequences. 2016. Bioinformatics doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btw370.

Bai, Z. J. Chen, Y. Liao, M. Wang, R. Liu, S. Ge, R.A. Wing, M. Chen. The impact and origin of copy number variations in the Oryza species. 2016. BMC Genomics 17: 1.

Wendel, J.F., S.A. Jackson, B.C. Meyers, R.A. Wing. Game of ‘omes: The kingdom of DNA reflects a complex, episodic history of upheaval, recovery, and survival. 2016. Genome Biology 17:37.

Wing, R.A. 2015. Research Highlight - Harvesting rice’s dispensable genome. 2015. Genome Biology 16: 217.

Zhang, Y., S. Zhang2, H. Liu, B. Fu, L. Li, M. Xie, Y. Song, X. Li, J. Cai, W. Wan, L. Kui, H. Huang, J. Lyu, Y. Dong, W. Wang, L. Huang, J. Zhang, Q. Yang, Q. Shan, Q. Li, W. Huang, D. Tao, M. Wang, M. Chen, Y. Yu, R.A. Wing*, W. Wang*, F. Hu* (*co-corresponding authors). 2015. Genome and comparative transcriptomics of African wild rice Oryza longistaminata provide insights into molecular mechanism of rhizomatousness and self-incompatibility. Molecular Plant 8:1683–1686.

Kim, K., S.C. Lee, J. Lee, Y. Yu, K. Yang, B.S. Choi, H.J. Koh, N.E. Waminal, H.I. Choi, N.H. Kim, W. Jang, H.S. Park, J. Lee, H.O. Lee, H.J. Joh, H.J. Lee, J.Y. Park, S. Perumal, M. Jayakodi, Y.S. Lee, B. Kim, D. Copetti, S. Kim, S. Kim, K.B. Lim, Y.D. Kim, J. Lee, K.S. Cho, B.S. Park, R.A. Wing, T.J. Yang. 2015. Complete chloroplast and ribosomal sequences for 30 accessions elucidate evolution of Oryza AA genome species. 2015. Scientific Reports 5:15655.

Copetti, D., J. Zhang, M. El Badouri, D. Gao, J. Wang, E. Barghini, R. Cossu, A. Angelova, C.E. Maldonado, S. Roffler, H. Ohyanagi, T. Wicker, C. Fan, A. Zuccolo, M. Chen, A.C. de Oliveira, B. Han, R. Henry, Y.I. Hsing, N. Kurata, W. Wang, S. Jackson, O. Panaud, R.A. Wing. 2015. RiTE database: a resource database for genus-wide rice genomics and evolutionary biology. BMC Genomics 16:538.

Wang, M., Y. Yu, G. Haberer, P. Marri, C. Fan, J.L. Goicoechea, A. Zuccolo, X. Song, D. Kudrna, S.A. Jetty, R. Cossu , C. Maldonado, J. Chen , S. Lee, N. Sisneros, K. de Baynast , W. Golser, M. Wissotski, W. Kim , P. Sanchez, M.N. Ndjiondjop, K. Sanni , M. Long, J. Carney, O. Panaud, T. Wicker, C. Machado, M. Chen, K. Mayer, S. Rounsley, & R.A. Wing. 2014. The genome of African rice (Oryza glaberrima): Evidence for independent domestication. Nature Genetics 46:982-988.

Zwickl D., J. Stein, R.A. Wing, D. Ware, & M. Sanderson. 2014. Disentangling methodological and biological sources of gene tree discordance on Oryza (Poaceae) chromosome 3. Systematic Biology doi: 10.1093/sysbio/syu027.

Jacquemin, J., J.S.S. Ammiraju, G. Haberer2, D.D. Billheimer, Y. Yu., L.C. Liu, L.F. Rivera, K. Mayer, M. Chen, & R.A. Wing. 2013. 15 MYA of evolution in the Oryza genus shows extensive gene family expansion. Molecular Plant (10.1093/mp/sst149).

C. Wang, X. Shi, L. Liu, H. Li, J.S.S. Ammiraju, D.A. Kudrna, W Xiong, H. Wang, Z. Dai, Y. Zheng, J. Lai, W. Jin., J. Messing, J.L. Bennetzen, R.A. Wing, & M. Luo. 2013. Genomic resources for gene discovery, functional genome annotation, and evolutionary studies of maize and its close relatives. Genetics 195:723-737.

Zhang, C., J. Wang, N.C. Marowsky, M. Long, R.A. Wing, & C. Fan. 2013. High occurrence of functional new chimeric genes in a survey of rice chromosome 3 short arm genome sequences. Genome Biol. & Evo. 5:1038-1048.

Jacquemin, J., D. Bhatia, K. Singh, & R.A. Wing. 2013. The International - Oryza Map Alignment Project: Development of a genus-wide comparative genomics platform to help solve the 9 billion-people question. Curr. Op. Plant Biol. 16:147-156.

Chen J, Q. Huang, D. Gao, J. Wang, Y. Lang, T. Liu, B. Li, Z. Bai, J.L. Goicoechea, C. Liang, C. Chen, W. Zhang, S. Sun, Y. Liao, X. Zhang, L. Yang, C. Song, M. Wang, J. Shi, G. Liu, J. Liu, H. Zhou, W. Zhou, Q. Yu, N. An, Y. Chen, Q. Cai, B. Wang, B. Liu, J. Min, Y. Huang, H. Wu, Z. Li, Y. Zhang, Y. Yin, W. Song, J. Jiang, S.A. Jackson, R.A. Wing, J. Wang, & M. Chen. 2013. Whole-genome sequencing of Oryza brachyantha reveals mechanisms underlying Oryza genome evolution. Nature Commun 4: 1595

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Hurwitz, B. D. Kudrna, Y. Yu, A. Sebastian, A. Zuccolo, S.A. Jackson, D. Ware, R.A. Wing*, L. Stein*. 2010. Rice structural variation: a comparative analysis of structural variation between rice and three of its closest relatives in the genus Oryza. Plant Journal 63:990-1003. (*co-corresponding authors).

Ammiraju, J.S.S., C. Fan, Y. Yu, X. Song, K.A. Cranston, A.C. Pontaroli, F.L., A. Sanyal, N. Jiang, T. Rambo, J. Currie, K. Collura, J. Talag, J.L. Bennetzen, M. Chen, S. Jackson and R.A. Wing. 2010. Spatio-temporal patterns of genome evolution in homeologous Adh1 - Adh2 regions from four allotetraploid species of the genus Oryza. Plant Journal 63:430-442.

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