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2008 - Dynamic Evolution of Oryza Genomes Is Revealed by Comparative Genomic Analysis of a Genus-Wide Vertical Data Set - News

2008 : Dynamic Evolution of Oryza Genomes Is Revealed by Comparative Genomic Analysis of a Genus-Wide Vertical Data Set
  webmaster Posted on 2008/12/31 23:50:00 ( 2055 reads )

Jetty S.S. Ammirajua,1, Fei Lub,1, Abhijit Sanyalc,1, Yeisoo Yua, Xiang Songa, Ning Jiangd, Ana Clara Pontarolie, Teri Ramboa, Jennifer Curriea, Kristi Colluraa, Jayson Talaga, Chuanzhu Fana, Jose Luis Goicoecheaa, Andrea Zuccoloa, Jinfeng Chenb, Jeffrey L. Bennetzene, Mingsheng Chenb,2, Scott Jacksonc,2 and Rod A. Winga,2

The Plant Cell December 2008 vol. 20 no. 12 3191-3209

2008 : The Subtelomere of Oryza sativa Chromosome 3 Short Arm as a Hot Bed of New Gene Origination in Rice
  webmaster Posted on 2008/8/22 0:00:00 ( 1072 reads )

Chuanzhu Fan, Yong Zhang, Yeisoo Yu, Steve Rounsley, Manyuan Long and Rod A. Wing

Mol. Plant (2008) 1 (5): 839-850. doi: 10.1093/mp/ssn050 First published online: August 22, 2008

2008 : Rapid and Differential Proliferation of the Ty3-Gypsy LTR Retrotransposon Atlantys in the Genus Oryza
  webmaster Posted on 2008/8/15 0:00:00 ( 1145 reads )

Andrea Zuccolo, Jetty S. S. Ammiraju, HyeRan Kim, Abhijit Sanyal, Scott Jackson and Rod A. Wing

Rice, Volume 1, Number 1, 85-99, DOI: 10.1007/s12284-008-9002-y

2008 : The Amborella genome: an evolutionary reference for plant biology
  webmaster Posted on 2008/3/10 0:00:00 ( 928 reads )

Soltis DE, Albert VA, Leebens-Mack J, Palmer JD, Wing RA, dePamphilis CW, Ma H, Carlson JE, Altman N, Kim S, Wall PK, Zuccolo A, Soltis PS.

Genome Biol. 2008;9(3):402. Epub 2008 Mar 10.

2008 : Construction, alignment and analysis of twelve framework physical maps that represent the ten genome types of the genus Oryza
  webmaster Posted on 2008/2/28 0:00:00 ( 1899 reads )

Kim H, Hurwitz B, Yu Y, Collura K, Gill N, SanMiguel P, Mullikin JC, Maher C, Nelson W, Wissotski M, Braidotti M, Kudrna D, Goicoechea JL, Stein L, Ware D, Jackson SA, Soderlund C, Wing RA.

Genome Biol. 2008;9(2):R45. Epub 2008 Feb 28.

2008 : Construction of an Amaranthus hypochondriacus Bacterial Artificial Chromosome Library and Genomic Sequencing of Herbicide Target Genes
  webmaster Posted on 2008/2/22 0:00:00 ( 1818 reads )

Peter J. Maughan, Nicholas Sisneros, Meizhong Luo, Dave Kudrna, Jetty S. Ammiraju, Rod A. Wing

Crop Sci, Vol. 48, No. Supplement_1. (22 February 2008), pp. S-85-94. doi:10.2135/cropsci2007.08.0434tpg

2008 : BAC-end Sequence Analysis and a Draft Physical Map of the Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Genome
  webmaster Posted on 2008/1/15 0:00:00 ( 1095 reads )

Jessica A. Schlueter, Jose Luis Goicoechea, Kristi Collura, Navdeep Gill, Jer-Young Lin, Yeisoo Yu, Dave Kudrna, Andrea Zuccolo, C. Eduardo Vallejos and Monica Muñoz-Torres, et al.

Tropical Plant Biology
Volume 1, Number 1, 40-48, DOI: 10.1007/s12042-007-9003-9

2008 : The Rice Annotation Project Database (RAP-DB): 2008 update
  webmaster Posted on 2008/1/1 0:00:00 ( 1659 reads )

Rice Annotation Project, Tanaka T, Antonio BA, Kikuchi S, Matsumoto T, Nagamura Y, Numa H, Sakai H, Wu J, Itoh T, Sasaki T, Aono R, Fujii Y, Habara T, Harada E, Kanno M, Kawahara Y, Kawashima H, Kubooka H, Matsuya A, Nakaoka H, Saichi N, Sanbonmatsu R, Sato Y, Shinso Y, Suzuki M, Takeda J, Tanino M, Todokoro F, Yamaguchi K, Yamamoto N, Yamasaki C, Imanishi T, Okido T, Tada M, Ikeo K, Tateno Y, Gojobori T, Lin YC, Wei FJ, Hsing YI, Zhao Q, Han B, Kramer MR, McCombie RW, Lonsdale D, O'Donovan CC, Whitfield EJ, Apweiler R, Koyanagi KO, Khurana JP, Raghuvanshi S, Singh NK, Tyagi AK, Haberer G, Fujisawa M, Hosokawa S, Ito Y, Ikawa H, Shibata M, Yamamoto M, Bruskiewich RM, Hoen DR, Bureau TE, Namiki N, Ohyanagi H, Sakai Y, Nobushima S, Sakata K, Barrero RA, Sato Y, Souvorov A, Smith-White B, Tatusova T, An S, An G, OOta S, Fuks G, Fuks G, Messing J, Christie KR, Lieberherr D, Kim H, Zuccolo A, Wing RA, Nobuta K, Green PJ, Lu C, Meyers BC, Chaparro C, Piegu B, Panaud O, Echeverria M.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2008 Jan;36(Database issue):D1028-33. Epub 2007 Dec 17.

2008 : Evidence of multiple horizontal transfers of the long terminal repeat retrotransposon RIRE1 within the genus Oryza
  webmaster Posted on 2008/1/1 0:00:00 ( 1108 reads )

Roulin A, Piegu B, Wing RA, Panaud O.

Plant J. 2008 Mar;53(6):950-9. Epub 2007 Dec 6.

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