AGI & IRRI Release a Reference Genome Assembly for Miracle Rice

Date 2016/11/29 1:00:00 | Topic: News

Original ImageIn honor of the 50th anniversary of Miracle Rice (IR-8) the Arizona Genomics Institute (AGI) ( and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) ( is proud to release* a reference genome assembly of IR-8 using PacBio RSII sequencing technology.

This work was funded by the AXA Research Fund to R.A.W. through IRRI.

(*Please note that our GenBank submission (MPPV00000000) is released under the Ft. Lauderdale agreement whereby the AGI/IRRI team reserves the right to publish a detailed analysis of the IR-8 in a forthcoming publication.)

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For more information on IR-8 please access the following web pages. ... asia-famines/3623225.html

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