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The Arizona Genomics Institute (AGI), headed by Dr. Rod Wing, is primarily focused on structural, evolutionary and functional genomics of crop plants with a main emphasis in cereals, especially Oryza. AGI is divided into 5 Centers each lead by a Center Leader and a senior Manager (BAC Library Construction Center, BAC/EST Resource Center, Sequencing & Physical Mapping Center [including: production sequencing (next generation and Sanger) and fingerprinting, and sequence finishing], Bioinformatics Center and the Evolutionary and Functional Genomics Center. We collaborate with many groups and labs around the world to facilitate progress on research by joining proposals to obtain grant funding and by providing services from within our Centers. Fees are based upon costs to recover work performed. For inquiries about collaborations with us, please contact Project Manager, Dave Kudrna.


BAC/EST Resource Center (Group Leader: Mr. Dave Kudrna). The focus of this center is to facilitate the high throughput movement of genomic resources for goal driven projects. Robotic operation and barcoding conveniently manage shotgun, EST and BAC clone projects in 384 and 96 well formats. Here, we deposit all BAC libraries that we construct as well as all cDNA libraries that we sequence. We also provide a service to the community by archiving and distributing genomic resources generated by other groups. AGI houses the majority of agriculturally important BAC libraries in the world. All prices are based on cost-to-recover.

NOTICE: (New UBMTA version ubmta.agi.12.13.05 is now available - Dec 21, 2005)
All orders for clones, vectors, and libraries must be accompanied by a MTA letter.   Products cannot be shipped without this document.
Signatories to the (NIH) Uniform Biological Transfer Agreement should download the new UBMTA (version: ubmta.agi.12.13.05) pdf file.
For clones/libraries from the UCDavis Lettuce and Sunflower projects the LettuceSunflwrMTA01092009 MUST be used.
Commercial customers and instituitions that are not signatories to the UBMTA, please download the BMTA_4-16-08a pdf file or contact Dave Kudrna to receive the appropriate MTA.

Please note that our preferred way of accepting orders is through this online ordering system. We do not accept orders via fax. If you need assistance with order placement please contact:
Dave Kudrna,
Plant Sciences Department,
303 Forbes Building,
Tucson, AZ 85721-0036,
(520)-626-9596 (phone)
Seed distributions

Disclaimer:   AGI is not responsible for delays caused by Customs Officials of the importing country on orders sent out of the US.   Shipping costs are estimates and orders will be invoiced for all related shipping costs.   For international shipments, AGI recommends obtaining the services of a Customs Broker, since order items are of a Biological Nature.   Customs Brokers can help to avoid delays and expedite parcels quickly to their final destinations.

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