This Zea mays (maize) FULL_LENGTH_cDNA_Rearrayed library was constructed by AGI. It was constructed in the EcoRV site of pCMV.SPORT-6.1 and contains 36096 clones (94 plates). The tissue type is mixed. The development stage is mixed. The library can also be referred to as rearray_FLcDNA_2_3.
Marker - Ampicillin
Vector - pCMV.SPORT-6.1

This library is the rearray set of FLcDNA selected from the maize FLcDNA project . Not all wells are usable-- the complete nomenclature of the FLcDNA set can be downloaded from here: The library was size-treated during construction to reduce the amount of small size cDNAs since most small size fragments are truncated either prior or during cDNA synthesis. It is possible that some small RNAs/cDNAs (<500bp) might be excluded from the library. Use EcoRI and NotI for insert checking. FWD primer: M13F: GTAAAACGACGGCCAGTG(5prime - 3prime). REV primer: custom: AGCGGATAACAATTTCACAC (5prime - 3prime). Cost of whole library is $10,000 for public research institutions; for companies, please inquire.
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