Page ModifiedModificationDate
Checkout If your payment type is credit card, you will be taken to Bank of America's secure payment page. Once credit card details are entered and the order is placed, you will be redirected back to AGI to print a copy of your order details Nov '02
"Shopping Cart" page To continue adding items to your shopping cart, select a link under "Add to Shopping Cart" on the left side of the screen. To checkout, select the "Go to Checkout" link under "Checkout" on the left side of the screen. February '02
"BUY THIS" page How you select a product to add to your shopping cart has changed. First you choose one of the links (EST Libraries, Genomic Libraries, Vectors) under "Add To Shopping Cart" label on left side of the screen. Next select the library. On the "BUY THIS" page check which products you want, the quantity, and enter the clone addresses (through the "clone addresses link") if selecting clones. February '02
All pages All pages now have a permanent "panel" on the left side of the screen. This panel allows access to the following links at any time: Home, Contact Information, EST Libraries, Genomic Libraries, Vectors, Ordering Help, View Shopping Cart, Go To Checkout. February '02
Products The pCUGIBAC-1 vector is now available. November '01
Final ordering page This page's title has been changed from "Your Order" to "Checkout". A box for entering clone addresses is now next to each library name for clones in your order. It is no longer necessary for you to enter the library name with the clone addresses. September '01

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