Our Team


Picture of AGI Team, October 2023
Seunghee, Kacy, Michael, Chandler, Tiffany, Dario, Jayson, Rod


Picture of Rod Wing

Rod Wing

Director of Arizona Genomics Institute

Professor, Plant Science

Regents Professor

Bud Antle Endowed Chair For Excellence, Agriculture & Life Sciences

Professor, BIO5 Institute

Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Graduate Faculty, Member

Associate Director

Picture of Dario Copetti

Dario Copetti

Associate Director of Arizona Genomics Institute


Picture of Jayson Talag

Jayson Talag

Lab Manager

Senior Research Specialist

Picture of Seunghee Lee

Seunghee Lee

Assistant Research Scientist

Picture of Kacy Tucker

Kacy Tucker

Research Technician II

Picture of Mario Marquez

Mario Marquez

Principal Systems Administrator

Support Systems Analyst

Picture of Chandler Sobel-Sorenson

Chandler Sobel-Sorenson

Senior Systems Administrator




Picture of Md Alam

Md Nafis Ul Alam

Data scientist

Graduate student