Nucleic Acid Extraction


AGI relies on years of experience in isolating high-quality, high-molecular weight DNA from a wide variety of organisms (plants, animals, fungi, bacteria, and viruses) and tissues. Similarly, we perform RNA extraction (total and mRNA) from a wide range of organisms and tissues.

Once extracted, nucleic acids are quality checked for concentration, absorbance ratios (260/280 and 260/230 nm), size (at Femto Pulse and pulse-field gel electrophoresis), and purity (restriction enzyme digestion test).
We can extract anywhere from a single tube to hundreds of samples (in 96-well plates), producing amounts from a few nanograms to several dozen of micrograms of nucleic acid.

AGI has been a long-time supplier of the sequencing substrates for the DOE’s Joint Genome Institute projects and routinely performs extraction- and QC-only services at cost recovery.

If you want to validate the quality of your sample before sending it to another provider, we offer only sample validation by running our QC protocol (Qubit, NanoDrop, pulse-field gel, restriction analysis) at a convenient rate.


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