Maize Sequencing

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The Maize Sequence Status

On the status page, the clones marked as "Tile" are selected for sequencing by one of the following groups:

  • STMG (Sequencing the Maize Genome) project is a collaboration with Joachim Messing at PGIR (Plant Genome Initiative at Rutgers), funded by NSF #0211851. Towards this effort, we are collaborating with MITCGR (MIT/Broad Institute Center for Genome Research) to sequence approximately 140 BACs. The Genbank entries with Group=Birren are from this project.

  • MGC (Maize Genomics Consortium) is generating a 5x coverage of approximately 300 BACs.

  • CSHL (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) is sequencing a set of BACs on chromosome 8 as a pilot project.

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