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ACWW Rice Genome Sequencing Project: Chromosome 3 & 10
In the fall of 1999, the ACWW (AGI, CSHL, WashU, Univeristy of Wisconsin) consortium was awarded a grant from the USDA -CSREES/NSF/DOE rice genome initiative to sequence and annotate the short arms of chromosomes 3 and 10. Together with The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) and the Plant Genome Initiative at Rutgers (PGIR), we plan to finish both chromosomes as part of the International Rice Genome Sequencing Project.

Sequencing Status Rice Maps and Resources
AGI/AGCoL Sequencing Status AGI/AGCoL FPC Contigs
AGI, CSHL Chomosome 3 & 10 AGI/AGCoL BAC end sequences
U.S.: Chromosome 3, 10 & 11 RGP Physical and Genetic Maps
International: All chromosomes Gramene: Comparative Mapping Resource for Grains
ACWW Chromosome 3 & 10 Genbank Rice page
Cornell RiceGenes
U.S. Laboratories only: Register clones

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