ACWW Sequencing Crew
The following is a partial list, as there are many people from sequencing, physical mapping, and bioinformatics that have contributed to this effort.

Arizona Genomics Institute

Dr. Rod Wing - Director of AGI 520-626-9595
Dr. Yeisoo Yu - Sequencing Group Leader 520-626-9596
Teri Rambo - Sequencing Lab Manager/Finishing Co-ordinator 520-626-9594
Jennifer Currie - Finisher 520-626-9593
Kristi Collura - Finisher 520-626-9593
Fusheng Wei - Annotator 520-626-9601
Dr. Cari Soderlund - Head of AGCoL (Computational Laboratory) 520-626-9600

Cold Spring Harbor Lita Annenberg Hazen Genome Sequencing Center

Dr. W. Richard McCombie - Co-PI 516-367-8884
Melissa de la Bastide - Sequencing/Finishing Coordinator  
Marie Vil - DNA Sequencing Technician  
Neilay Dedhia - Assistant Director of Bioinformatics 516-367-8868
Lance Palmer - Annotation/Software Development  
Lidia Nascimento - Assistant Director of Sequencing 516-367-8854
Maureen Bell - Administrative Director 516-367-6940
Lori Spiegel - Finishing Coordinator 516-367-8854

Washington University Genome Sequencing Center

Richard K. Wilson - Co-PI  
Patrick Minx - Finishing Manager 314-286-1838

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