AGI offers a wide array of services ranging from DNA and RNA extraction, to different types of DNA sequencing, to bioinformatic data analysis.

DNA Extraction

DNA extraction by an AGI scientist

AGI isolates routinely high-quality, high-molecular weight DNA from a wide variety of organisms

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RNA Extraction

Picture of an AGI Scientist adding TRIzol to samples as part of our RNA Extraction process

AGI extracts total RNA from plants, algae, fungi, and other organisms

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Genomic DNA QC includes enzymatic digestion and Femto Pulse assay to assess molecule accessibility to enzymes and size distribution.

AGI performs multiple quality control assays to validate the sample for downstream applications

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PacBio Whole-Genome Shotgun Sequencing

Stock image of PacBio Revio System

Adopting the PacBio sequencing platform since 2014, AGI has so far been involved in more than 100 genome sequencing projects

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PacBio Iso-Seq Sequencing

Full-length cDNA sequence reads.  Splice isoform certainly — No assembly required.

AGI offers full-length cDNA sequencing through the PacBio Iso-Seq application

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PacBio Amplicon and Targeted Sequencing

PacBio Amplicon and Targeted Sequencing

Sequence at high depth or wide breadth fragments ranging from 500 bp to 10 kbp or more

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PacBio16S Sequencing

Forward and reverse 16S primers in 96-well PCR plate

AGI offers PacBio’s 16S protocol for data generation and analysis

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Hi-C Library Preparation

Arima Genomics

AGI adopts Arima Genomics’ kits to generate Hi-C libraries for plant and animal samples

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Bioinformatic Analyses


AGI offers bioinformatic analyses ranging from basic genome assembly to sequence annotation and genome evolutionary analyses

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AGI utilizes the latest in state-of-the-art instruments to produce the best quality results.  Equipment includes a PacBio Revio sequencer, an Agilent Femto Pulse electrophoresis system, and large-scale high performance computing (HPC) resources.

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