DNA Extraction


DNA extraction by an AGI scientist
Arizona Genomics Institute DNA extraction by an AGI scientist

Stemming from the expertise gained in extracting high-molecular weight DNA for BAC libraries,  AGI isolates routinely high-quality, high-molecular weight DNA from a wide variety of organisms (plants, algae, animals, fungi, and bacteria) and tissues.  Projects range from a single 50 ml tube to hundreds of samples in 96-well plates, producing amounts from a few nanograms to several dozens of micrograms of nucleic acid.  The most common applications are PacBio HiFi, Oxford Nanopore sequencing, and Illumina DNA sequencing.

AGI has been a long-time supplier of the sequencing substrates for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Joint Genome Institute projects and routinely performs extraction- and QC-only services at cost recovery.


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