HMW DNA extraction for PacBio and other technologies

AGI’s highly skilled staff have the knowledge and experience to isolate high-quality, high-molecular weight DNA from almost any organism (plants, animals, fungi, bacterial and viruses), which stems from over 20 years of experience in HMW DNA extraction.  Once isolated, all HMW DNA is run through a standard quality control regime that includes concentration, A260/280 ratio, size estimation on pulsed-field gels, and demonstration that DNA is accessible to restriction digestion before delivery to the client (see figure).  This last step is an excellent predictor that the DNA sample can be used to construct a high-quality library for PacBio sequencing.  Request a quote for your project today!

HMW DNA QC-2.jpg

Picture of one of AGI's best QC control gels of HMW DNA
One of AGI's best QC control gels of HMW DNA